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Why Vaccine is Important and the Benefits to Human Body

March 1, 2024

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious or malignant disease. The safety and effectiveness of vaccines has been widely studied and verified.

What do Vaccines do?

Vaccines imitate germs

Vaccines imitate germs and in doing so, train your body to recognise and fight real germs if and when you are exposed to them.

Immune Response is Triggered

Your immune system is triggered to respond, helping you build immunity against the disease.

Extra Training Needed

Sometimes, the immune system needs more than one training session to learn how to fight the disease effectively. In these cases, a few doses of the vaccine may be necessary over a period of time. To ensure that you are protected, it is important to get vaccinated as per the recommended timings and not delay it.

Why Vaccine is Important?

Vaccines are important because they protect us from serious diseases by teaching our immune system how to fight them, saving lives and preventing outbreaks.

Germs are everywhere

We live in a world where you can find germs almost everywhere. And even though you may not realise it, your body is in a never-ending battle fighting these germs as and when it is exposed to them.

The part of your body responsible for this is your immune system – and it is strengthened when you get vaccinated.

Vaccines Train your Body

When you get vaccinated, you teach your body how to fight diseases. Think of it like a training session. Your body learns to recognise and handle these germs as if you have caught the disease. So, if and when you are actually exposed to the germs in the future, your immune system will remember how to fight it.

If you are infected before you get vaccinated, you are at risk of falling seriously ill. The infection can lead to complications, disabilities and even death.

Strengthen your Immunity with Vaccination

If you generally lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating healthily, and hardly fall sick, you may have a good immune system. However, it may not be enough to ensure that you can fight an infectious disease. Vaccinations help build your immune system by strengthening it against serious infectious diseases.

Vanda Clinic Management System

Vanda CMS has a Vaccination module where doctors can create a vaccination plan for a patient. All of these plans will be recorded under Vaccination Records. 

Vanda's Vaccination Records