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Hello! I am VandaClinic
I’m a Clinic Management System

VandaClinic is a web-based Clinic Management System developed to improve efficiency of everyday operations for doctors, nurses, managers and administrators

As important as profit is, we have to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, for both our patients and staff

In 2020, an approximate average of 1,900 people visit clinics, polyclinics, dental services per day, in Singapore

A smart Clinic Management System ensures an efficient, time saving and user friendly software so that the focus will be on patients care and more patients can be attended to. That is what VandaClinic promise to deliver with our features.



Branch Directory

Clinic staff are occasionally shuffled around different clinics and some may even be rotated frequently.

Branch Directory allows clinic staff to switch between branches to match their current workplace.

This allows ease of switching and reduces amount of accounts required overall, in turn, reducing security risks from unauthorised accesses and data leakage

Queue Management

The Queue Management feature manages queue requests and queue lists

Queue requests reflects information about patients whom have used self registration method for services whilst Queue list allows clinic staff to add patients to queue and reflects information of the patients in queue

The best queue is no queue. The feature helps clinic staff keep track of queue, minimising waiting time, improving patient experience and retaining patients


Patient Manager

The Feature provides the perfect platform for healthcare services. The Patient Manager empowers user to perform diagnosis, prescription, payment and dispensaries.

And it benefits clinics through a systematic progression which is similar to the process of a consultation.


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Appointment Manager

Appointment Manager reflects all the appointments in a clinic and allows clinic staff to schedule appointments. 

It is displayed on a daily basis and filtered by appointments made with/by doctors. Appointments made can also be added to queue at the Appointment Manager. 

Appointments are essential for patient retention, follow-up cares and most importantly to minimise waiting time to improve patient experience. VandaClinic’s appointment Manager handles appointment perfectly through easy scheduling and clear representations of appointments.

Electronic Documentation

E-Document provides a platform for clinic staff to attach any relevant documents such as lab results or imported medical records Benefits 

Reference or further analysis can be conducted to aid in diagnosis and care to patients. This can be achieved with VandaClinic’s dedicated platform to store E-Document.

Data Discovery

Dashboard reflects the daily statistics of the clinic. The dashboard displays information such as pending queues and payment. 

The filter function provides a quick look up throughout the system for information such as patient information which can then be edited or adding patient to queue, invoices, payment and Medical Certification look ups. 

The report feature allows clinic staff to generate reports such as sales report, clinical report and patient reports. 

Data Discovery module benefits the staff by providing ease of tracking clinic’s data and generating reports from the data.

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  • 30 Days access to sandbox
  • Dedicated staff support for enquiries


The best Clinic Management System belongs to YOU!

Sign up for a free trial!

30 Days access to sandbox

Dedicated staff support


Inventory Manager

The inventory module allows clinic staff to conduct overall management of drugs stocks, keep track of drug information, dispensed, quantities and statistics. There are two kinds of costing method available, AVG and First Expired First Out.

A requisition module is also available to recommend clinic administrators/nurses with procurement quantity based on previous item usage average or user pre-defined stock quantities.

Lack of drugs, overdosing and illegal distributions of drugs are extremely serious matters. VandaClinic’s detailed Inventory system ensures that drugs are readily available for patients, drug movements are tracked and audit-able.

Payment Process

Vanda’s Payment Process takes into account all things required when it comes to monetary transactions.

The Payment process begins with billing which occurs after the consultation flow. Taxes & cost rounding can be handled here

Once the billing has been confirmed, the invoice will be generated where users can input discounts or subsidies along with insurance.

After the invoice is verified, the payment method can be selected. Users are able to define their payment method and even conduct deposits/credit note transactions in VandaClinic.

The payment process ultimately keep tracks of all of the monetary transactions such as deposits, invoices, payment statuses so that when it comes to audit and tabulations, Clinic administrators & nurses can complete the necessary tasks effectively and easily.


Vanda’s insurance module empower users to automate the insurance costs once all the necessary details have been set up. 

Our system provide users the option to set up price lists and/or claim percentage when it comes to insurance

A claim list is also available for users to actively track the claims made by patient and update the claims statuses accordingly.

The module benefits clinic administrators & nurses by allowing insurance to be considered during payment process and providing a clear record of the claim along with its status, saving time when consolidating and ensuring clinics do not lose money

Lovely testimonials

Our clients say

We have been very pleased with the service provided when we had requested for support, even if it was a really silly question.
Ms Lim
A Nursing Assistant
Your software is a much more user-friendly system for a non-technical user.
Dr Leong
An Eye Specialist
When I show it to my friends who paid 10 times more for their software, they turned green with envy.
Dr Chua
A General Practitioner
I have worked in other clinics as an employee and seen all the other clinic’s software products, some costing as much as $10,000 or more. I have used Vanda Software since I opened in 1997 and have never ever been dissatisfied with any module of the program, or with the service we have received. My staffs are computer-illiterate and they do great with this software. I highly recommend it.
Dr Kee
A Surgeon
Beside increasing productivity and saving time, Vanda software can assist clinic with drug control, alert him to drug allergies and interactions, and generate drug registers and statements of accounts. Vanda has also increased the morale and efficiency of clinic staffs.
Dr Tan
A General Practitioner
Vanda is a robust and yet an easy program to use. It is highly affordable and yet has functions parallel to far more expensive competitors. The Magicsoft team has been very patient and helpful in delivering my customized version of Vanda and the support has been prompt. I would certainly recommend Vanda to clinics who want to have an efficient paper-less clinic software system.
Dr Liu
A Specialist
Vanda is a user friendly system. We have been very pleased with the service received when we’ve needed to call for support. Magicsoft has been helpful in delivering our clinic customized version of Vanda. When my previous system crashed, I remember Vanda’s advertisement from the SMA News and thought I urgently needed their help. In fact they promptly came to my rescue. I would certainly recommend Vanda.
Mr Abdul Rahman
A Managing Partner