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Magicsoft Asia Systems Achieves CSA Certificate for CMS Vendor Certified

July 1, 2024

The world is getting more digital every day, especially since the pandemic. This is great for new businesses and opportunities, but it also means more chances for hackers to steal information. At Magicsoft Asia Systems, we take data security very seriously. We believe it’s not just a tech problem, but something that’s crucial for the whole digital economy to work. By having strong cybersecurity, businesses can confidently jump into the digital world.

We’re excited to announce that Magicsoft Asia Systems has gotten a certificate from the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) as a certified CMS Vendor! This proves our commitment to keeping your information safe, whether you’re our partner, client, or employee.

What Cybersecurity Means for Business

Every business is different, with its own size, industry, and how digital it is. This means the risk of being hacked is different for everyone. The CSA’s approach to cybersecurity certification reflects this by offering different levels of protection:

  • Cyber Essentials Mark: This is like a basic security shield against the most common attacks. It’s designed for businesses that are new to cybersecurity and don’t have a lot of IT resources. The goal is to get these businesses started with the most important security measures, so they can defend themselves from common threats. It’s kind of like the 80/20 rule, where you get 80% of the protection with 20% of the effort.

  • Cyber Trust Mark: This takes a more customized approach, where the security plan is built to fit the specific risks of each business. This is a sign that a business has gone above and beyond to secure its systems. 

Getting this CSA certification shows that Magicsoft Asia Systems, especially our Clinic Management System product, Vanda, is dedicated to providing the best possible cybersecurity solutions. By following these strict standards, we can offer our clients and partners a safe digital environment. This current milestone follows the latest certification of ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 and Cyber Essential Mark certification

About Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)

The CSA was started in 2015 to keep Singapore’s digital space safe and secure. This helps protect the country’s security, economy, and overall digital way of life. They do this by overseeing national cybersecurity efforts, working with different industries to protect critical infrastructure, and educating people about cybersecurity. The CSA also works with other countries to share information and improve cybersecurity in the whole region.

For more information, please visit https://www.csa.gov.sg/

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