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Healthier SG Compatible

Vanda, as an hsg-compatible cms, aims to help doctors provide the best healthcare services for patients through advanced features, clinical templates and comprehensive links with SmartCMS that worked with partners for full experience.

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As important as strategy is, we have to execute to win. Execution involves every employee and every relation we have with customers. We must operate quickly on problems, drive results, not just activities.
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The full Experience of Vanda

  • Healthier SG-compatible Clinic Management System
  • Allow clinics participating in Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) to manage subsidy claims easily on a single platform
  • Allows clinics to Synchronised data to National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), enables clinicians and healthcare professionals to view patient health records across the national healthcare network.
  • Integrated with MIMS to get drug information and any drug related
  • We’ve also been working with Changi General Hospital to provide healthcare for prison
  • Integrated with Singpasss for easier and more secure login using Singpass As 2 FA and sync the personal details.

Vanda will provide a better patient experience by automating tasks, improving clinic efficiency, and supporting every step of the patient journey start from pre-visitation until post-visit.


Vanda pre-visit features including :
Online Appointment Booking : Allows patients to book an appointment easily.
Self-Registration : Allow patients to fill out electronic registration form before visit to save time.

Registration & Queue

Vanda registration features including :
Quick Registration : Quickly register patient and add them straight to the queue
Queue Display : Display queue on separate screen.
Queue Management : Easily add , remove, call patient with queue management


Vanda consultation features including :
EMR : Digitized patient medical records, medical history, diagnoses, lab results, medication, notes, alergies,and etc. 
Advanced and easy to use : Our consultation module crafted to be easily used by doctor but still with packed features.
Vanda crafted with dedicated health plan Builder and comprehesive referral structure.


Vanda post-consultation features including :
Dispensing and Pharmacy : Automatically dispense drug based on the consultation result.
Payment Module :The payment process ultimately keep tracks of all of the monetary transactions such as deposits, invoices, payment statuses.
Inventory Manager : Easily manage inventory with our inventory manager.


Vanda post-Visit features including :
Post-Visit Survey , Rating and Review, Mobile Payment.

Healthier You, With Healthier SG

Vanda for Healthier SG

Designed to streamline the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare facilities, such as clinics and hospitals.

Integrated with the Healthier SG program, Vanda will helps healthcare providers improve the quality of care they provide to patients while promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

Vanda on Healthier SG

Vanda will also help healthcare providers to leverage the benefits of technology to improve patient outcomes and promote healthy behaviors. Here are how Vanda integrated with the Healthier SG program:

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Lovely testimonials

Our clients say

We have been very pleased with the service provided when we had requested for support, even if it was a really silly question.
Ms Lim
A Nursing Assistant
Your software is a much more user-friendly system for a non-technical user.
Dr Leong
An Eye Specialist
When I show it to my friends who paid 10 times more for their software, they turned green with envy.
Dr Chua
A General Practitioner
I have worked in other clinics as an employee and seen all the other clinic’s software products, some costing as much as $10,000 or more. I have used Vanda Software since I opened in 1997 and have never ever been dissatisfied with any module of the program, or with the service we have received. My staffs are computer-illiterate and they do great with this software. I highly recommend it.
Dr Kee
A Surgeon
Beside increasing productivity and saving time, Vanda software can assist clinic with drug control, alert him to drug allergies and interactions, and generate drug registers and statements of accounts. Vanda has also increased the morale and efficiency of clinic staffs.
Dr Tan
A General Practitioner
Vanda is a robust and yet an easy program to use. It is highly affordable and yet has functions parallel to far more expensive competitors. The Magicsoft team has been very patient and helpful in delivering my customized version of Vanda and the support has been prompt. I would certainly recommend Vanda to clinics who want to have an efficient paper-less clinic software system.
Dr Liu
A Specialist
Vanda is a user friendly system. We have been very pleased with the service received when we’ve needed to call for support. Magicsoft has been helpful in delivering our clinic customized version of Vanda. When my previous system crashed, I remember Vanda’s advertisement from the SMA News and thought I urgently needed their help. In fact they promptly came to my rescue. I would certainly recommend Vanda.
Mr Abdul Rahman
A Managing Partner