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Power Up Clinics with Healthier SG-compatible CMS

January 9, 2024

The landscape of healthcare in Singapore has been undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the government’s initiative to enhance the quality of healthcare services through the Healthier SG program. Since last year, clinics have been encouraged to onboard Healthier SG, a program designed to uplift the health and quality of life for all Singapore residents. One of the key requirements within this initiative mandates clinics to transition to a Healthier SG-compatible CMS within a year of its launch.

This mandate stands as more than just a procedural obligation; it represents a fundamental component of the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), contributing significantly to the upgraded version of delivery of patient care. The goal of Healthier SG-compatible CMS is to revolutionize how clinics manage and interact with patient data, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of healthcare services.

Once Healthier SG rolls out, clinics can easily send patient info to the NEHR via their CMS system. As a result, family doctors will have the ability to routinely check residents’ health data, health plans during their regular appointments, making referral, and submit data to the government.

Doctor and Patient Discuss about Health Plan on Healthier SG-compatible CMS

How to Choose The Best CMS for Clinics?

As clinics gear up to navigate this transition, the prospect of finding a new CMS that aligns with the Healthier SG framework can be challenging. To assist in this critical decision-making process, here’s a checklist to guide you:

    1. Reliability: The chosen CMS must guarantee dependable performance and maintain high uptime to ensure clinics can operate smoothly without disruptions or downtimes that could potentially affect patient care.
    2. User-Friendliness: An intuitive user interface is imperative, facilitating ease of navigation for all clinic staff members. A user-friendly system reduces training time and promotes efficient utilization of the CMS.
    3. Essential Functionalities: A comprehensive set of features catering to all clinical operations
    4. HSG Compatibility: Non-negotiable integration with Healthier SG standards. The selected CMS should align the HSG-compatibility requirements under the CMS Tiering Framework for Primary Care, enabling smooth data sharing and interoperability among different healthcare providers.
    5. NEHR Submission: Check the availability of NEHR submission to ease of sharing patient summary records accross clinics to provide care of continuity
    6. CHAS, CDMP, and Flexi Medisave Integration: Integration of CHAS, CDMP, and Flexi Medisave within a CMS application can unified access to subsidy schemes and medical savings, simplifying administrative tasks for clinics.
    7. Smooth Data Migration: A seamless transition of existing patient data from the current system to the new CMS, without any loss or discrepancies.
    8. Ongoing Maintenance & Support: Access to continuous assistance, updates, and support is essential to address any issues that may arise and ensure optimal performance of the CMS.

Vanda Healthier SG-compatible CMS

As Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem evolves, embracing Healthier SG and adopting a compatible CMS becomes not only a regulatory requirement but also a strategic move towards delivering superior patient care in an increasingly interconnected healthcare landscape.

Enter Vanda – your ultimate CMS solution partner that ticks off all these crucial aspects with finesse! Our commitment to providing an advanced yet user-friendly system is not just a claim; it’s backed by the successful implementations and satisfied clients who have benefitted from our innovative solutions.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of our smart system firsthand with a FREE TRIAL. We acknowledge the importance of making an informed decision, especially in such a critical transition phase. Interested in discovering more? Simply complete the registration form to learn how Vanda can empower your clinic with a Healthier SG-compatible CMS. Partner with Vanda today and power up your clinic towards a healthier and more efficient future in healthcare services!

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