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What You Need to Know About MOH Healthcare Claims Portal

Geok En
March 6, 2024

MOH Healthcare Claims Portal (MHCP)

An initiative by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the MOH Healthcare Claims Portal (MHCP) is the new one-stop claims portal to support you, General Practitioners (GPS), in administering multiple national schemes at your clinic. As a CHAS GP partner, you can now submit claims for various schemes such as Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP), Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS), Screen for Life (SFL), and Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) scheme.

It offers ease-of-use through streamlining different national schemes under a single portal and featuring a user-friendly interface with easy login access through CorpPass

There will also be improved functions to enhance your user experience on both web and mobile browsers.

Universal Search

Provides ease of searching for patients’ schemes and claims details using either:

  1. Patients by NRIC or Partial Name
  2. Claims by Receipt No.
  3. Resources by Keyword

Claims Notifications

A new function that enables clinics to be notified on various changes in the claims portal such as addition of new user(s) and updates to claims status. Users can also customise his/ her preferred mode of notification via email or the portal.

Claims History Dashboard

Reflects a configurable summary of clinic’s claims which refreshes every 2 minutes. Clinics will now have an easier access to various claims status directly from the dashboard.

Claims Management

Simplifies processes with new quick-action tabs for faster performing of commonly used functions. Direct claim cancellation is also enabled to allow for immediate claim error rectification

Vanda Clinic Management System


Using Vanda, you are able to claim subsidies and insurance but also see records and keep track of all claims and invoices. Additionally, you can use:

  • the insurance module
  • the insurance company module
  • 3rd party billing
  • HSG whitelisted drug calculator
  • check patient’s CHAS information
  • view patient’s subsidy claim limit