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What is a Clinic Management System (CMS)?

April 22, 2024

A Clinic Management System is essentially software that helps clinics streamline their operations and deliver better healthcare. 

A typical clinic workflow involves the following.

  • A patient blocks an appointment with a practising doctor at the clinic.
  • Registration of patient data is done at the time of visit.
  • The doctor meets the patient and offers medical advice.
  • Accordingly, the patient may have to get some diagnostic tests conducted or purchase the prescribed medicines.

Therefore, as per need, the patient would access the clinic lab and pharmacy. The treatment bill is generated as per services availed. So, apart from the treatment cycle, clinic operations and administration include upkeep of the clinic, staffing records, maintenance of various departments, including laboratory, pharmacy, emergency, housekeeping, etc. The clinic also has to maintain various inventories and stock as well as coordinate with other stakeholders such as diagnostic labs, medical equipment vendors, so on and so forth.

The dynamic working of clinics involves a lot of repetitive work, data generation, record keeping, and adherence to various regulatory and compliance policies. Based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, a clinic management system helps integrate various functions and processes making the operations efficient and seamless for both patients and staff.

Tasks a CMS covers in a clinic

  • Supports central management and consistency in healthcare delivery.
  • Makes it easy to book appointments.
  • Integrates billing and accounting.
  • Accurate and safe data management.
  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Makes communication easy.

Vanda CMS

Vanda CMS caters to a users’ needs with three main aspects. Firstly, Clinic management with the use of Vanda Manager, and Healthcare services with the use of Vanda Clinic.

Vanda Manager

Vanda manager, adding a new medication

In Vanda Manager, users will be able to view, edit, or add any master data used. Some of the master data include Medications, Service Items, Vaccinations, Whitelisted drugs and more.

Vanda Clinic

Vanda Clinic patient queue

In Vanda Clinic, users can conduct their daily clinic operations such as Adding a patient to Queue, Diagnosing and Prescribing medications to a patient, Conducting billing and payment, and more. 

Reference: KareXpert