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ALPS Healthcare’s National Central Fill Pharmacy Medication Delivery

February 28, 2024

Medication delivery services by ALPS Healthcare’s National Central Fill Pharmacy (NCFP) model integrates with pharmaceutical care services. The NCFP model aims to increase efficiency by consolidating the picking, packing, and delivery of medicines to patients’ homes

As part of the National Pharmacy Strategy of re-designing the pharmacy supply chain, NCFP model was established to transform medicine delivery service to one that is integrated with pharmaceutical care services to meet patients’ needs. It aims to provide timely, convenient access to medications supported by expertise and advice from pharmacy services.

NCFP will fulfill medication delivery orders received from healthcare institutions in a central location. This model will boost efficiency by consolidating pharmaceutical drug picking and packing and delivering them directly to patients’ homes or their preferred collection points island-wide. The co-location with Central Warehouse coupled with the centralization of logistic processes also allows better synergies in supply chain, and public healthcare institutions to focus more on direct patient care delivery.

NCFP One, located at at 4 Pandan Avenue will commence operations with the inclusion of primary care under public healthcare. From thereon, it will expand its services to other public healthcare institutions in subsequent phases. In addition, NCFP One will support medication delivery services for Healthier SG-enrolled GP clinics.

Additionally, when pharmacy services and delivery are combined, patients receive improved care. They can consult with experts about their medications and how to use them properly, leading to better adherence to treatment plans and improved health outcomes. This approach aligns with the broader objective of enhancing healthcare for all. As NCFP expands its reach and assists more locations, it demonstrates how pharmacies can operate more efficiently and provide better support to patients.

Vanda CMS Medication Delivery

With Vanda Clinic Management System (CMS), clinics enrolled to Healthier SG will be able to dispense medications through ALPS delivery using our delivery module. Users dispensing the medications can easily input the delivery type as ALPS, fill in the delivery details, and submit.

Medication Delivery module in Vanda Manager where users can view all delivery orders made

Delivery status will be updated automatically after submission.

Medication Delivery Status

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