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How to Onboard Healthier SG for GP Clinics

January 24, 2024

The healthcare service in Singapore has been increasingly improved with the introduction of Healthier SG, a game-changer initiative by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services for all Singapore residents. Since March of last year, GP clinics have been encouraged to onboard for the Healthier SG journey and should complete several requirements to be Healthier SG clinics.

Welcome onboard for Healthier SG

How do Clinics Join for a Healthier SG?

To become a verified HSG clinic, several prerequisites need to be met. You can fill out the form at AIC website and follow the requirements below:

1. Registered on MOH Healthcare Scheme and Subsidy

First, the clinic must join MOH Healthcare Scheme and Subsidy, including various schemes such as CDMP, CHAS, PHPC, SFL, and VCDSS. This ensures that clinics are aligned with the broader healthcare framework established by the government, so the patients can access the benefits.

2. NEHR-ready

In addition to being part of the healthcare scheme, clinics are required to sign the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) Accession Agreement. This agreement is important for data access and contribution which aims to unify healthcare information systems to streamline patient care. Clinics can submit the necessary data in this form. Please note that NEHR onboarding process estimation time will take 25 days of working days

3. Registered as PCN member

HSG clinics are also expected to be active members of a Primary Care Network (PCN). If you need additional support, feel free to get in touch with your AIC account manager. For PCN clinics, please reach out to your PCN HQ. You can identify your AIC account manager or find your clinic’s cluster by using this link.

4. Provide Experienced Family Physician

Moreover, the presence of at least one Family Physician (FP) within seven years from the HSG enrollment launch is something that must be provided. This strategic approach aims to ensure that residents receive comprehensive healthcare services, emphasizing continuity of care within the community.

5. Healthier SG-compatible CMS

The final prerequisite involves clinics preparing for the integration of a Healthier SG-compatible Clinic Management System (CMS) within one year from the HSG enrollment launch. This step is essential for clinics to leverage the full benefits of the program, enhancing their operational efficiency and providing a seamless experience for both healthcare providers and patients.

Vanda: GP Clinics Partner in Healthier SG Onboarding

For GP clinics seeking a reliable and efficient partner in their Healthier SG onboarding process, Vanda stands out as your trusted partner. Vanda is an HSG-compatible CMS, which also offers a unique set of services designed to simplify the daily operational processes of clinics.

The Healthier SG initiative represents a significant step towards a more integrated and patient-centric healthcare system in Singapore. GP clinics have an essential position in this transformation. By completing all prerequisites outlined by the MOH and partnering with trusted CMS providers like Vanda, clinics can contribute to the success of Healthier SG, ultimately benefiting both healthcare providers and the community at large. 

With Vanda, clinics can navigate the onboarding process with confidence, knowing they have a partner who understands the intricacies of Healthier SG requirements. You can also fully apply our features such as VandaCare, VandaManager, and VandaClinic. Embrace the future of healthcare – sign up with Vanda today!

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