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What is CDLENS and its Functions?

April 22, 2024

CDLENS, also known as Communicable Diseases Live and ENhanced Surveillance, helps to provide an early warning of disease outbreaks in other countries, and identifies unusual trends in infectious diseases and disease syndromes in our population.

Enhancing our medical surveillance capabilities would enable us to be better prepared, and more able to respond to outbreaks and the potential importation of diseases into Singapore. As a one-stop internet portal, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, for real-time information on infectious disease news.

In CDLENS, on-line notification of infectious diseases has also been simplified and made much more convenient. Through established interfaces with other databases, residential, workplace or institutional addresses would be auto-populated into the notification form, just by keying in the postal code or name of school, childcare center, kindergarten or building.

Function of CDLENS

  • Infectious Disease Notification Online notification of infectious diseases has been incorporated in CDLENS and greatly enhanced for prompt and easy notification. Further details on the 4 steps to online notification will be discussed later in the chapter. 
  • Singapore Highlights The latest information on infectious disease incidence and trends in Singapore is available in this section. 
  • World Highlights and News Today Real-time information on outbreak alerts and infectious disease news from around the world are available in this section. 
  • Diseases A – Z Clinical and epidemiological information on key infectious diseases arranged in alphabetical order is available for medical practitioners’ quick and easy reference. 
  • Publications and Useful Links Hyperlinks to MOH publications on infectious diseases, as well as websites of international and national public health organisations, is provided in this section for the convenience of users.


With international air travel becoming increasingly common, the rapid spread of infectious diseases across borders has become a very real and serious threat. There is, therefore, a need for an online surveillance system through which medical practitioners can submit timely notifications of infectious diseases, as well as access real-time information on global and local infectious disease situations anywhere and at anytime. CDLENS sets out to achieve exactly that.