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Healthier SG

Reasons and Benefits of Enrolling into HSG

April 19, 2024

As you age, you are more likely to fall sick and suffer disabilities, including developing chronic conditions. This can result in significant health, emotional and financial burden on you and your family.

Healthy habits and preventive care can help you stay active and maintain a good quality of life. By managing chronic conditions well, you can reduce the risk of developing serious health complications e.g., kidney failure and stroke.

Why enrol in Healthier SG?

  • A choice of your preferred family clinic to provide care for your health needs.
  • A personalised Healthier SG Health Plan to help improve your health by achieving your health goals.
  • Access to community programmes to help you stay active and healthy.

Benefits of enrolling in Healthier SG

Support from a trusted doctor

Support to keep healthy and prevent diseases, from a trusted family doctor clinic

Wide range of healthy lifestyle activities

Be connected to a wide range of healthy lifestyle activities on Healthy 365 app

Personalised Health Plan

Receive fully-subsidised, personalised Health Plan from your doctor

$20 worth of Healthpoints

Earn $20 worth of Healthpoints through the Healthy 365 application after your first Health Plan consultation

Fully-subsidised Screenings and Vaccinations

Get fully-subsidised, nationally-recommended screenings and vaccinations (for Singapore Citizens)

Check for Screening eligibility here

Check for Vaccination eligibility here

Access to more affordable medications

From Feb 2024, CHAS, MG or PG cardholders with high chronic medication needs and bills that exceed the annual CHAS subsidy limits, can access selected medications for chronic diseases at their enrolled Healthier SG GP clinic, at prices that are comparable to those at polyclinics

No need for MediSave co-payment

From Feb 2024, you can use MediSave to pay your bill in full (up to Medisave500/700 withdrawal limit) for treatment of chronic conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) at your enrolled clinic 

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